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**please just bring photo of animal - animal does not have to be present for June to be able to connect - distance readings are her specialty - all over the world***

Author June Blackburn will be on hand for book signings and readings. Her NEW book - Intuitive Animal Communication: How you can Listen to Animals was just released this Spring and will be available this weekend.

June Blackburn never dreamed she would be an international animal communicator. However, some twenty years after her journey into energy healing began, she is living this dream and more. She received a Master’s Degree in metaphysics from the University Of Metaphysics in Sedona, submitting her Thesis on Communication With Animals.

June is an ordained metaphysical minister with the Bancroft Centre For Awakening Spiritual Growth. She has studied numerous energy-based therapies and utilizes them not only when working with animals and people but also for clearing the energy of homes, buildings, barns, and land. She has taken numerous courses in mediumship with various instructors.

She enjoys helping people discover and develop their unique gifts by offering animal communication classes and mediumship classes. Her true passion is connecting with animals of all species. The animals in her life have assisted with her personal healing journey, which she shares in her book. Animals have shown her that life is much more than what we see through our eyes. It's more about what we feel, sense and experience within ourselves, and our hearts.

June lives in a small rural lakeside community on the shores of Lake Erie with her husband and two golden retrievers, Amazing and Grace. Her heart and mind are whole when she has time to hike in nature and train with her dogs. To help Amazing with some fear issues, June started taking her to classes in agility and discovered this is a great activity to do with both dogs.

Book a 15 minute mini reading with June during our Metaphysical Gathering - a great way to learn a bit about her gifts.

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